Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Instant - Draw editor

The draw editor

Available from menu > draw, the draw editor allows you to draw whatever you want and add it to your picture. 

Draw editor interface

As it appears above, you can access to these functions: 

1. Enhance or decrease your brush thanks to a seek bar 
2. Region where you draw 
3. Undo all the paths that you want 
4. Foreground color 
5. Background color
6. Allows you to switch the foreground and background color 


7. Suite of check buttons to: (from the top left to the bottom right)
- Paint an area easily 
- Blur your main path (or foreground color). Useful to make area painting with a blur border
- Add a background path to your main path 
- The background path can be blurred (mimicking a glow or neon effect depending the color of your background)

At the bottom of this interface, a text line reminds you how to use(/save/share in the paid version) directly on your picture. Warrantied effect)). Just enter a name for your draw (without any format extensions), and hop! this is sticked on your draw wherever you want and as you want. 

Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request on this blog. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you, and Enjoy!).

Fun Instant - Text editor

The text editor

Available from Menu > Text (a-z), the text editor will appear like this:

Text editor interface

With, from to the top to the bottom: 

1. The preview window (with the "holidays" word as an example) where all of your text will appear on a single line. If the text, that you want to enter, appears longer than the preview window, you can scroll horizontally the text with your fingers
2. A text line let you know that you can use or save your text (with fonts and shadow effects) as a bitmap clicking on the menu button of your phone. In case of save, the white or black background applied to the preview window will not appear. The text keeps its background as transparent. 
3. The field to enter your text.
4. The font size with four different choices from Tiny to Huge 
5. The font color to choose a color picker 6. The background color for the preview window (black or white). Pretty useful depending of what kind of colors you would like to use on your text
6. The shadow color to choose through the color picker
7. The check buttons "Shadow" and "Blur effect" to affect a shadow to your text with a blur effect respectively
8. The "Glow" effect check button to give a glow or neon effect to your text


9. The font picker where a set of 30 (180 for the paid version) incredible and exclusive fonts are stored and ready to be used on your text

By the menu button, you can use (and/or save and/or share for the paid version) the text for your picture. Warrantied effect )). Do not hesitate to use the text editor to edit your own "meme" and share it 
on your favorite social network! 

Questions or comments? 
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Instant - How to share my creations with the world?

How to share my creations with the world?

You are artist or has a passion for the graphical arts, and you want to share your creations with all the world using our blog and/or our Fun Instant application, it's very simple)! 

Send us package (.zip, .tar, others) or pictures by themselves like: 
* Icons, stickers, smileys, doodles, figures, characters, accessories, etc
* frames, all types
* backgrounds (to be added to the next version of Fun Instant app)

in the format *.jpg, *.png, or *.gif, and we will be very happy to published your creation directly on this blog for free, or, for the best of them, inserted in the next package of icons, frames, and backgrounds related to our "Fun Instant" Android application. This last package will be published on the Google Play as soon as it will be possible, with credits to your reference. 

Do not hesitate and mail us, or post your reclamation just here! It's free, and the Green Sakura team will take care of your creations with the most large respect. With the credits, your creations can find a way to be known using the Android virtual sphere)! 

Enjoy it!)

Questions or comments?
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request just right here. We will make our best to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you)! 

Fun Instant - How to upload my icons or frames

How to upload my icons or frames?

As a creator or artist that you can be, you have created or found through the web your own icons (stickers) or frames, and you would like to try them in your Fun Instant application. Very simple, just follow this instructions: 

1.  By definition the icons or frames, that you would like to use, have to be to the format *.jpg, *.png (the best in quality), or *.gif to be recognized by Fun Instant whatever the size of the picture, with at the beginning of their name the prefix "ic_" (for example: image1.jpg becomes ic_image1.png). 

2. Connect your smartphone to your computer, where icons or frames, to add, are. 

3. Once you launched for the first time Fun Instant on your smartphone, a directory named "FunInstantApp" has been created at the root of your SD memory card, where the directories "Output", and "Icons" are available. The last one is the purpose of this post. So copy/paste all the icons (with name format specified in the first paragraph) that you want to add in the directory "SD card" > FunInstantApp > Icons, and disconnect properly your smartphone from the computer. 

4. Launch again Fun Instant on your smartphone, and when you add new icons or frames go to the personal gallery, "+" button on the bottom right of the main display and "Personal" button gallery. Here, in place of the default provided by the Green Sakura team, your own icons are, making the possibilities of customization of your photos unlimited. 

Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request on this blog. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you, and Enjoy!). 

Fun Instant - How to share?

How to share my creations?

1. Once your creation is ready to be shared, save it using the menu > Save, a toast will appear to enter the name of your picture to be saved (without extensions). 

2. The picture saved, go to menu > Album to reach your creations gallery. 

Album menu

Pressing the menu in the "Album", you can "Sort" the pictures by date, "Unsorted" the pictures (come back to the last creation in date), and "Share". This last one allows you to share through Facebook, VK, Picasa, Gmail, or by MMS, and other social networks, your pictures. (A creation, in particular through GMail, can take a few minutes before to be published, or received in a mail box)

Take into account that the compression or scale factor, used by different social network, can affect your published picture. 


Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you).

Fun Instant - Presentation

First steps:

From the beginning, Fun instant allows you to choose between two options:
- Make a shoot with your smartphone camera
- Choose a picture with your personal gallery

Camera or Gallery choice
If you choose to shoot your friends and yourself with the camera, all the common options are available:
* Automatic, portrait, landscape, sport, night, sunset, macro, and anti-blur scene possibilities. 
* Normal, black and white, negative, sepia, solarization, red (green, blue) hue effects can be chosen. 
* Automatic flash, flash or not
Once the picture is taken, do another one if you dislike the previous ones, and check okay to apply the photo to the Fun Instant.
If you choose in another case to pick a picture from your personal gallery, just pick it and the photo will be apply directly to be modified. 

The interface:

Fun Instant allows you to access directly to 8 different functionalities on the screen:

Interface functions
1. Zoom : scale your photo and/or icons (stickers, frames)
2. Mirror : produce a mirror effect on your photo and/or icons
3. Rotation : rotate your photo and/or icons
4. Clone : clone the last icon that you have touched or draged with the same parameters (scale, rotation, mirror effect). Cannot be use with the background photo

5. Junk : erase icons (not allowed on the background photo)
6. Undo : undo all the last change 
7. Redo : re-do all the last change (if you perform another change during the redo process, all the states following this new change will be lost)
8. Add : add new icons or frames 

The interface menu:

Interface menu

Thanks to the menu, you can access another suite of very useful tools like: 

* Camera : the camera if you want to shoot again another picture or scene with your friends 
* Gallery : your personal gallery to change the background photo as you like (icons will stay alive)
* Draw: the draw editor (from the version 1.40) and add your draw freely to your picture.
* Text: the text editor (and different type of fonts and effects) and add the message to your picture (thanks to it, the creation of "memes" becomes very simple!)
* Save : save your creation whatever the moment, and a toast message will appear to enter the name of your picture, no extension is needed (*.jpg, *.png, *.gif), registered automatically in jpeg format for commodity reasons with the social network or GMail sharing. 

* Plus allows to access to the following function:
- Album : special gallery to enjoy your Fun Instant creation with the possibility to search them by date or not
- Settings : allow you to change primary settings of the Fun Instant application (the next paragraph explains it carefully)
- Help toast message
- Quit button (Stay aware that if you quit your creation is lost)

The settings case:

Settings configuration
The Settings panel (reachable from the main display by menu -> Settings, see the previous paragraph) allows you to change different kinds of parameter designing the application to enhance your user pleasure like:

* Enable dialog boxes : to accept or deny all toast boxes that could help you to navigate through the application (put to false by default). Check this option can slow down the system. 
* Background color : change the background of the main display with 8 different colors (black, red, green, blue, orange, pink, brown, default)
* Bitmap Size : change the compression of photos or icons. If you see that your smartphone is pretty slow, change the compression to "Small", or even "Very small" level, considering that this operation will have as a consequence to decrease the quality of your creation. If not, keep the default compression value, or pass to the "Large" one. 
* Undo/redo Length : modulate the maximum number of possible change that you could undo or re-do. Place it to "No Limits" for a maximum of back-ups. Pay attention, more you will have icons displayed, more the undo/redo will be full, and more it will take place in memory. For any problems concerning this last fact, change the values at your convenience. 
* Enable multitouch : can be interesting in case you are using a screen more or less sensitive to the fingers interaction. With multitouch, zoom and rotation can be performed with two active fingers. Without multitouch, these last functions are performed thanks to the seek bars appearing in place on the display. (For different particular cases, the seek bar can be more accurate than the multitouch)
* Credits : thanks and comments about Fun Instant 

Questions or comments?
Let the Green Sakura team know by posting them on this blog. 

Let's have fun ;-)!

Fun Instant - Description

A camera, a ton of icons, and let's drag them to produce your Fun Instant!

Start page

On the Google Play:
Fun Instant is a simple way to make your moment even more fun, with an unlimited choice of icons and frames that you can drag to your pictures without limits.
A fun moment, a photo shoot, and let's drag all the icons (with/without frame) you want on it. Fun Instant let you continue your composition later if you receive a call, and share it with all over the world through your favorite social network (Facebook, VK, Picasa, ...), GMail, or by MMS.
You don't have enough icons or frames in the library, and you would like to use more and more. Fun Instant allows you to add your own icons or frames that you can find through the web, or from your own creation if you are an artist. The number of icons becomes unlimited, so let's talk your imagination!
* Use your smartphone camera to shoot a picture 
* Use your personal gallery to find a moment and change it as you want
* 4 tools are available to modify pictures and icons (Zoom, Mirror, Rotation, Clone)
* Possibility to undo or re-do all change without limits. 
* More than 100 different icons and frames to use and re-use (different favorite heroes haven't been forgotten: Monster & Cie, Futurama, superheroes, Harry Potter, the Smurfs, 300, and others...)
* Possibility to add your own icons or frames (from the web and/or from your own creation!) in three different format (.jpg, .png, .gif)!!!

Features for paid version:
* Full screen mode of the display (ONLY available in the paid version)
* No advertisements

Settings available: 
* 8 different colors of display to make it as you like 
* Size of bitmaps (depending on your smartphone virtual memory, the size of used bitmaps as icons can be choose)
* Three length of undo/re-do chain available (the unlimited mode let you do and undo ALL the change that you could perform)
* Multitouch function can be disabled. Important to keep accuracy with resistive screens using seek bars for Zoom, and rotation functions.