Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Instant - How to share?

How to share my creations?

1. Once your creation is ready to be shared, save it using the menu > Save, a toast will appear to enter the name of your picture to be saved (without extensions). 

2. The picture saved, go to menu > Album to reach your creations gallery. 

Album menu

Pressing the menu in the "Album", you can "Sort" the pictures by date, "Unsorted" the pictures (come back to the last creation in date), and "Share". This last one allows you to share through Facebook, VK, Picasa, Gmail, or by MMS, and other social networks, your pictures. (A creation, in particular through GMail, can take a few minutes before to be published, or received in a mail box)

Take into account that the compression or scale factor, used by different social network, can affect your published picture. 


Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you).

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