Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Instant - Text editor

The text editor

Available from Menu > Text (a-z), the text editor will appear like this:

Text editor interface

With, from to the top to the bottom: 

1. The preview window (with the "holidays" word as an example) where all of your text will appear on a single line. If the text, that you want to enter, appears longer than the preview window, you can scroll horizontally the text with your fingers
2. A text line let you know that you can use or save your text (with fonts and shadow effects) as a bitmap clicking on the menu button of your phone. In case of save, the white or black background applied to the preview window will not appear. The text keeps its background as transparent. 
3. The field to enter your text.
4. The font size with four different choices from Tiny to Huge 
5. The font color to choose a color picker 6. The background color for the preview window (black or white). Pretty useful depending of what kind of colors you would like to use on your text
6. The shadow color to choose through the color picker
7. The check buttons "Shadow" and "Blur effect" to affect a shadow to your text with a blur effect respectively
8. The "Glow" effect check button to give a glow or neon effect to your text


9. The font picker where a set of 30 (180 for the paid version) incredible and exclusive fonts are stored and ready to be used on your text

By the menu button, you can use (and/or save and/or share for the paid version) the text for your picture. Warrantied effect )). Do not hesitate to use the text editor to edit your own "meme" and share it 
on your favorite social network! 

Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request on this blog. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you, and Enjoy!). 

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