Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Instant - Draw editor

The draw editor

Available from menu > draw, the draw editor allows you to draw whatever you want and add it to your picture. 

Draw editor interface

As it appears above, you can access to these functions: 

1. Enhance or decrease your brush thanks to a seek bar 
2. Region where you draw 
3. Undo all the paths that you want 
4. Foreground color 
5. Background color
6. Allows you to switch the foreground and background color 


7. Suite of check buttons to: (from the top left to the bottom right)
- Paint an area easily 
- Blur your main path (or foreground color). Useful to make area painting with a blur border
- Add a background path to your main path 
- The background path can be blurred (mimicking a glow or neon effect depending the color of your background)

At the bottom of this interface, a text line reminds you how to use(/save/share in the paid version) directly on your picture. Warrantied effect)). Just enter a name for your draw (without any format extensions), and hop! this is sticked on your draw wherever you want and as you want. 

Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request on this blog. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you, and Enjoy!).

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