Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Instant - How to upload my icons or frames

How to upload my icons or frames?

As a creator or artist that you can be, you have created or found through the web your own icons (stickers) or frames, and you would like to try them in your Fun Instant application. Very simple, just follow this instructions: 

1.  By definition the icons or frames, that you would like to use, have to be to the format *.jpg, *.png (the best in quality), or *.gif to be recognized by Fun Instant whatever the size of the picture, with at the beginning of their name the prefix "ic_" (for example: image1.jpg becomes ic_image1.png). 

2. Connect your smartphone to your computer, where icons or frames, to add, are. 

3. Once you launched for the first time Fun Instant on your smartphone, a directory named "FunInstantApp" has been created at the root of your SD memory card, where the directories "Output", and "Icons" are available. The last one is the purpose of this post. So copy/paste all the icons (with name format specified in the first paragraph) that you want to add in the directory "SD card" > FunInstantApp > Icons, and disconnect properly your smartphone from the computer. 

4. Launch again Fun Instant on your smartphone, and when you add new icons or frames go to the personal gallery, "+" button on the bottom right of the main display and "Personal" button gallery. Here, in place of the default provided by the Green Sakura team, your own icons are, making the possibilities of customization of your photos unlimited. 

Questions or comments? 
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request on this blog. We will try to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you, and Enjoy!). 

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