Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Instant - Description

A camera, a ton of icons, and let's drag them to produce your Fun Instant!

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On the Google Play:
Fun Instant is a simple way to make your moment even more fun, with an unlimited choice of icons and frames that you can drag to your pictures without limits.
A fun moment, a photo shoot, and let's drag all the icons (with/without frame) you want on it. Fun Instant let you continue your composition later if you receive a call, and share it with all over the world through your favorite social network (Facebook, VK, Picasa, ...), GMail, or by MMS.
You don't have enough icons or frames in the library, and you would like to use more and more. Fun Instant allows you to add your own icons or frames that you can find through the web, or from your own creation if you are an artist. The number of icons becomes unlimited, so let's talk your imagination!
* Use your smartphone camera to shoot a picture 
* Use your personal gallery to find a moment and change it as you want
* 4 tools are available to modify pictures and icons (Zoom, Mirror, Rotation, Clone)
* Possibility to undo or re-do all change without limits. 
* More than 100 different icons and frames to use and re-use (different favorite heroes haven't been forgotten: Monster & Cie, Futurama, superheroes, Harry Potter, the Smurfs, 300, and others...)
* Possibility to add your own icons or frames (from the web and/or from your own creation!) in three different format (.jpg, .png, .gif)!!!

Features for paid version:
* Full screen mode of the display (ONLY available in the paid version)
* No advertisements

Settings available: 
* 8 different colors of display to make it as you like 
* Size of bitmaps (depending on your smartphone virtual memory, the size of used bitmaps as icons can be choose)
* Three length of undo/re-do chain available (the unlimited mode let you do and undo ALL the change that you could perform)
* Multitouch function can be disabled. Important to keep accuracy with resistive screens using seek bars for Zoom, and rotation functions.

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