Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fun Instant - How to share my creations with the world?

How to share my creations with the world?

You are artist or has a passion for the graphical arts, and you want to share your creations with all the world using our blog and/or our Fun Instant application, it's very simple)! 

Send us package (.zip, .tar, others) or pictures by themselves like: 
* Icons, stickers, smileys, doodles, figures, characters, accessories, etc
* frames, all types
* backgrounds (to be added to the next version of Fun Instant app)

in the format *.jpg, *.png, or *.gif, and we will be very happy to published your creation directly on this blog for free, or, for the best of them, inserted in the next package of icons, frames, and backgrounds related to our "Fun Instant" Android application. This last package will be published on the Google Play as soon as it will be possible, with credits to your reference. 

Do not hesitate and mail us, or post your reclamation just here! It's free, and the Green Sakura team will take care of your creations with the most large respect. With the credits, your creations can find a way to be known using the Android virtual sphere)! 

Enjoy it!)

Questions or comments?
Let the Green Sakura team knows by posting your request just right here. We will make our best to answer as fast as it is possible. Thank you)! 

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